Scar Revision / Scalp Reduction

The repair of scars from scalp reduction surgery is challenging. Hair will grow in the scar but the problem is often the direction the hair grows is abnormal. Another challenge is that the success of revision surgery will be determined by the amount of tension on the skin closure. An additional consideration is when the scalp tissue is tight.

All of these challenges must be considered and evaluated in every patient. Every scar revision is personal and must be customized.

The scalp reduction procedure

Scalp reduction surgery is an invasive procedure used to remove balding areas, and requires pulling up the scalp with hair density to cover the defect created. This procedure is considered to be outdated by many because is there a high risk of complications and the potential for subsequent surgeries to treat complications. Some call it ‘barbaric’. Fortunately, there are much better options for hair restoration that are safer and more effective today.

Corrective surgery

Surgical scar revision can improve the size, depth or color of the scar. Candidates must have a loose scalp because if the scalp is tight, there will be too much tension on the repair incisions for the correction to succeed.

It is possible to excise the scar and close the incision with newer techniques that allow the hair to grow out of the scar. The type of surgical procedure will be determined by characteristics of the scar and surrounding tissue.

To restore the aesthetic appearance of the scar, the surgeon must understand anatomy and wound healing, as well as hair and scalp anatomy and its characteristics, and is experienced in all of these subjects. Additionally, the surgeon must be a meticulous planner, and he employs techniques that will reduce complications and improve the surgical outcome. This perfectly describes Dr. Carl A. Powell. Call Powell Surgical Hair Restoration in Cardiff by the Sea, California and book a complimentary consultation to discover how you can regain your self-confidence and enjoy a better quality of life.

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