Bad Hair Transplant Revision

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is more refined and popular than ever but errors remain. An unfavorable result may either due to an error in judgment or technique. The good news is that a bad hair transplant can, in most cases, be improved to provide a more natural look.

Errors in judgment can include failing to consider that androgenetic alopecia is progressive hair loss, poor hairline design, not enough density, and other problems.

Poor technique may also be the result of poor training, poor planning, over harvesting, misalignment of the grafts, angulation problems or poor graft growth due to injuries to the grafts during extraction or implantation.

Repair or revision will depend on when the procedure was performed that produced the unfavorable result. Generally, the patient must wait 8 full months after the procedure, in order for Dr. Powell to determine what needs to be done. Also, it is normal for the transplanted hair follicles to shed starting about one week after the procedure, and new hair growth begins 14-16 weeks after the procedure.

Older hair transplant methods can create unsatisfactory outcomes like visible plugs, scarring or unnatural hairlines, and scalp reductions can leave behind large scars. Scars can be revised to improve appearance or FUE can be used to camouflage the scar.

When you are unhappy with the results of your hair transplant procedure, reparative procedures can be successful.

They key is choosing a surgeon who possesses refined skills and talents, and whose techniques consistently yield successful outcomes.

A bad hair transplant can be devastating. Dr. Powell understands.  His skills, talent, experience and artistic approach have helped thousands of people. Contact Powell Medical Hair Restoration in Cardiff by the Sea, California for a free consultation. Meet Dr. Powell. He will be straight with you about what can be done. Dr. Powell always stays up to date on the latest advances in hair restoration, and will provide you with the best options available for the most natural looking results.

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