FUE NeoGraft Artis Recovery

FUE is the procedure to harvest donor hairs and implant them into new locations to improve hair density, cover balding areas, and restore hair. FUE is accomplished with various tools and techniques that are intended to reduce damage to the scalp, and improve graft survival.

NeoGraft is a hand – held device that is dependent for its success on the skills and expertise of the operator. ARTAS is robotic hair restoration, which is dependent on algorithms, as well as operator expertise. Both were developed in an attempt to improve speed, precision and consistency of follicle unit extraction. The FUE procedure is essentially performed by the experienced surgeon. In poorly trained hands, ARTAS and NeoGraft imply just as good as, without surgical training and skills. FUE as compared to ARTAS and NeoGraft is the difference between an off the rack suit, and a custom-tailored suit.

Time to recovery from any hair restoration procedure is dependent on the type of procedure, and how each patient responses to the procedure, bruising and scabbing. When you can go out in public depends on your personal preferences. People who know you may notice that your hair is shorter than usual. It just depends on how comfortable you are being out and about after two days.

Recovery from FUE vs. ARTAS and NeoGraft

FUE Recovery:

  • Because the strip incision is eliminated with FUE, recovery is shorter and gentler. No bandages are required, and there are no sutures or staples needed.
  • However, many tiny incisions or small punch wounds in which the follicular units are implanted will be sore, and care must be taken to keep the wounds clean. The implants are most vulnerable to damage and displacement during first 24-48 hours. FUE grafts should be fully healed within the first few days.
  • The recipient sites will crust over, and care must be taken to avoid dislodging the implants. All crusting should be over by days 7-10.
  • The donor sites will heal within a few days, because the surgeon uses a small punch, unlike the large punches used with ARTAS or NEOGRAFT.
  • FUE patients can resume full activities and even heavy exercise within 3 days after surgery.
  • Because the hair must be cut short for graft harvesting and implantation, it will not likely cover the punches until the hair grows out a bit. By 10-14 days after the procedure it will be difficult to distinguish between pre and post transplantation.

NeoGraft Recovery:

NeoGraft Recovery time depends on the patient’s comfort level, but there will be a pressure dressing that must be worn for two days after the procedure. During that time, no hat may be worn. After the dressing is removed, there will be moderate forehead swelling and only a loose-fitting hat may be worn. NeoGraft patients can resume normal activities in a few days, but it will take 7-10 days for the implants to be safely rooted in the scalp vs. 2 days with FUE. NeoGraft implants should be carefully cared for at least for two full weeks, including no shampooing for the first two weeks. With FUE, the patient can wash the hair within a day or two of the procedure.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Recovery:

Recovery from the ARTAS procedure requires that the first 3 days the grafts are vulnerable to damage and displacement, and the grafts take. The punches are larger in diameter and can cause complications as well as damage to nearby follicles.

Choosing a hair transplant surgeon should be based on their results, not on the tools used.


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